Girl Zone

Teen and single girls get together in a warm and fun atmosphere. Everyone enjoys food and refreshments, forms new friendships, and participates in a stimulating discussion on a relevant topic of interest. The girls are encouraged and given the opportunity to use critical thinking and explore profound topics in Judaism.   

Summer Discovery Seminar Initiative

In our ongoing efforts to enrich the community with new innovative initiatives, KTC has started the Summer Discovery Seminars for high school and college girls.  Young girls get together in an elegant, warm, and fun atmosphere and participate in a stimulating discussion on fundamental topics in Judaism.  Our inspiring speakers cover topics on relationships, our purpose in life, and the importance of the role of a Jewish women as future leaders and pillars of the Jewish community.  Every seminar is followed by gourmet dinner and a fun activity such as Challah baking, sushi making and much more.  Students walk away with a deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

As per the request of many of our Summer Discovery Seminar participants, we have initiated our Monthly Get-Togethers for Girls in high school and college.  The purpose of our monthly get-togethers is to empower, inspire, and inform our young girls in a more intimate and relaxed setting.  These events provide our students with the opportunity to build a relationship with a mentor, ask questions and seek advice, and build true and long-lasting friendships.  Every get-together includes a stimulating discussion on a relevant topic followed by Q & A, great food, and a fun activity.